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Hey, Northern Virginia and Greater Rochester, NY! Meet Guardian Valor—your go-to for all things electrical- and we're proudly Veteran-Owned. We're not just electricians; consider us the guardians of your green future and a smoother, more empowered daily life.

Looking to join the EV revolution? Don't let "Range Anxiety" cramp your style or make you a prisoner at public charging stations. Our Certified Electricians specialize in EV Charger Installation so you can charge at home on time. Just park, plug, and you're good to go by morning.

But wait, there's more. Do you think your electrical system is a relic from the past? We're experts in Home Wiring Upgrades, ensuring that your infrastructure isn't just safe and efficient. Perfect for today's tech-savvy homes and essential for those looking to add an EV charger.

Hold up, you're still not convinced your EV charger is operating at peak performance? No worries. Our Testing and diagnostics services will get to the heart of any issues, ensuring your charger runs effectively and optimally.

From the heart of Virginia to the buzz of New York, we’re committed to eco-friendly solutions that make your life easier and our communities cleaner. With Guardian Valor, you’re not just getting a service but investing in a sustainable future. So what are you waiting for? Let's bring the power home.

EV Charger Installation 

EV Testing & Diagnostics

Home Wiring Upgrades

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