Welcome to the website of The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association. The website is a key element of how we communicate, engage, and serve those in The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, and beyond. Its main purpose is to provide an easily accessible source of enduring information about the Regiment and the wide family it embraces.  It is complemented by our annual regimental journal, the Kingsman, our quarterly newsletters, monthly SITREPS and our busy social media accounts.

The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment today, explaining how it is organised, managed and where it is based.

 It also explains the support available from The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association to members of the Regiment, serving or retired, and their families. As a broad family, it covers our many elements, including cadets, civic links and the naval and military affiliations and alliances we have, both at home and internationally.  These links have been built over our long history, and are part of broad heritage, which we cherish, and the flavour of which is captured by the site.



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